We are excited to learn of the growth of culinary mushrooms some like Shitake contain medicinal properties. The growth is fueled by a new appreciation for flavorful healthy cuisines, and the more knowledgeable consumer.

Oyster (Shitake) mushrooms have been a delicacy in Asian countries for many decades, but now, the USA is eating them, enjoying them at a record rate. Their delicate flavor enhances meat, fish and egg dishes as well as salads. 

Their health benefits have been researched for decades and some of the compounds are patented and sold as pharmaceutical drugs in Japan.  

However we don't eat mushrooms on a daily basis and so the consistent way to get the benefits is to regularly enjoy a Ma' Cline's Coffee product that contains them like ShroomZoom capsules. Shitake is one of 6 musrooms included and the combination is designed to include a broad spectrum of importand compounds. Try it and feel the difference.