What is the point?

Once you are a knowledgable customer, our work is done. But......

How are YOU doing today? 

  • If you are already a customer, chances are you are doing better
  • Just think, you did not even know about miracle mushrooms!
  • And if you have been a customer for awhile you realize it gets better and better
  • And it is absolutely wonderful that you are experiencing renewed vitality

  • Your story is unique to you, and undeniably true.
  • You were sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • You know your own body, you see and feel the difference
  • No one can convince you otherwise.
  • You know that you know that you know!

  • You know several someones that needs to get on the path to HealthStyle
  • You know their pain and have wished that you could help
  • Physical, Emotional or Spiritual pain, or ALL of the foregoing.
  • Simply share your story. Let them decide to try.
  • What a generous thing to do. Simply share. 
  • New wine for new wineskins.

Ma' Cline's Coffee
Carson City, NV
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